a birthday post.

I’m officially an old woman.

That’s right, folks. I hit 22 on Friday, leaving those childhood days of my twenty-first year behind. Twenty-two is the age that I will graduate from college. My goodness. I guess birthdays get a little less exciting as I get older, as I no longer get to do anything out of the ordinary. Back in the good ol’ days, my birthday was almost always on spring break (back when spring break was actually in the spring, rather than the dead of winter, like it is in college), so I got to celebrate with some of my favorite friends on a mission trip each year. These days, Eric gets the privilege of a spring break birthday (which no longer means anything, since he’s a big shot college graduate). But even through most of college, if I had class on my birthday, I could just skip and do something fun instead. This year, I had to work on my birthday. The real world is kind of lame.

Hall's On The River.

So both Eric and I spent Friday at our respective places of business, Eric doing engineering things and I changing diapers and making up voices for various puppets. After work, I changed out of my babysitting clothes (I don’t know how parents are ever able to wear anything nice without getting drool all over it), and we headed out for my birthday dinner at Hall’s On The River. If you’ll recall, we also went there for Eric’s birthday dinner last month. It’s pretty tasty and since it was super warm out on Friday evening, we really wanted some outdoor dining. Unfortunately, it’s monsoon season in Kentucky, so we endured a pretty steady downpour for most of the drive, along with the first bit of our dining experience. Luckily, the deck is covered, so we were still able to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather and a nice little thunderstorm. The rain cleared up pretty quickly though, giving us a beautiful sunset for the drive home.

After dinner, it was necessary to eat dessert, of course, but deciding what to eat was almost impossible. We finally decided on making a batch of chocolate chip cookies from a recipe I found earlier in the week from Picky Palate. I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for a few months now, but this is the first of her recipes that I’ve tested out. You should definitely peruse her website. She’s crazy talented and her photos are incredible. If you’ve tried any of her other recipes, let me know! I’d love to hear how they tasted!

Salted chocolate chip cookies, made with browned butter.

Along with dessert came my new birthday coffee mug, which I felt the need to use immediately. Note to self, drinking coffee at 8 pm will ALWAYS be a terrible idea. We’ve done that twice this week, and both times have resulted in us laying in bed several hours later saying, “This is the most awake I’ve felt all day.” I’m trying to convince Eric that we should invest in some decaf coffee to go with dessert, but I’m not sure that will ever happen, as we’re both of the “what’s the point of decaf?” mindset, most of the time. Still, the coffee was delicious (and I believe the flavor was enhanced by my Troy and Abed mug).

So that was my birthday. Here’s to an exciting new year of life!


3 thoughts on “a birthday post.

  1. Happy Birthday!

    That place looks like fun…I’ll have to suggest it to my sister the next time we’re visiting her in Lexington.

    Those cookies look goooooood. Have you ever heard of “healthy cookies”? My mom got the dough from a bakery that just closed, but they wouldn’t give us the recipe. They’re a form of oatmeal cookies, but are extremely gooey and doughy and wonderful and have lots and lots of other good-for-you-ingredients that we can’t figure out. I would love to be able to figure out how to make them.

  2. I love your blog! From the engineering husband, to the attempts at marathon training, to the wonderful baking, and of course how messy working with young kids is … I relate so well. It’s a joy to read and I never come away from a post without laughing at least once. Thanks for sharing your life, and so well-written too!

  3. Ally, Picky Palate is my favorite blog ever! I think I’ve baked half of the dessert archive…especially all her fun cookies.

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