family and strawberries.

Over the weekend, we ventured down to Clarksville to visit my dear parents as an early mother’s day/mom’s birthday celebration. Yes, folks. That does mean that we watched the Kentucky Derby in Tennessee. It was weird. But we ate Derby pie (or should I say “the first Saturday in May pie” because “Derby pie” is trademarked) and minty beverages (Eric tried making a mint julep. I just can’t handle the taste of bourbon.), and enjoyed the 2 minute horse race. We all picked a horse to win, and none of us even made it into the top four. Total bummer. But we drowned our sorrows in pie and ice cream. So it was okay.

Unofficial Derby pie. I’ve made this several times before using the same recipe that my mom uses, but hers was a thousand times better than mine.

Mint limeade, served in a Snoopy pitcher.

The weekend also involved a strawberry festival at a farm nearby. It would appear that the festival was aimed more at toddlers than adults, but we enjoyed buying strawberries and strawberry jam.

I hope Heaven smells like strawberries.

Cute farm festival decor.

And of course, I am a child, so I have to put my head in the giant strawberry.

My dad took us to one of his favorite lunch spots, Red Top BBQ. So good. Definitely some of the best BBQ I’ve had in months. If you find yourself in Guthrie, Kentucky, pick up a pulled pork sandwich.

And, if the awesome BBQ isn’t enough, there’s a giant cow statue next door. Why is the cow there? I don’t know. But we took a picture with it anyway. Because that’s what you do when you see giant animals.

After lunch, we headed to the Clarksville Greenway, which is a park built in the place of old railroad tracks. It has a few miles of walking trails, surrounded by woods. The trails have picnic tables and swings, so you can sit and enjoy the view.

Legs look so weird from this angle.

Don’t you just want to run through that field?

The super cool bridge on the trail.

And then there was some gift giving. I channeled my inner crafter and decorated a canvas bag for my mom, using this tutorial. It was super easy and I think you could do lots of cute stuff with it, depending on your level of creativity. I’m thinking of decorating another bag for myself! I filled the bag with fun stuff like nail polish, a candle, pajamas, and bubble bath.

Opening gifts.

The canvas bag I decorated.

There you have it. Food, family, fun. All the makings of a great weekend.



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