a wrap up of this week’s best.

Here are a few great things that happened this past week:

1. “Safety Not Guaranteed.” We really wanted to see this movie when it came out in theaters a few months ago, but since it’s an indie film, it wasn’t showing in Kentucky at the time. But now it’s in Redbox (woo!) and we finally got to watch it. I am thrilled to report that it was every bit as funny and heartwarming as I had hoped. Plus, it stars April from “Parks and Recreation,” and Nick from “New Girl.” It’s a winner. Watch the trailer here.

2. “Psych” marathon. If you haven’t heard of this show, you are missing out. We seem to watch Psych marathon-style, knocking out an embarrassing number of episodes in a single evening. It makes both of us laugh out loud every time. There are 6 seasons on Netflix, so you better get started now.

3. Hiked Spencer Butte. We enjoyed some quality outdoor time on the nicest fall day in quite a while (read about it here).

4. Bought plane tickets. We’re officially booked for Christmas in San Diego with Eric’s parents.

5. Enjoyed coffee outside. We spent this wonderfully warm (70 degrees!) and sunny fall day sipping coffee on the patio at Vero, the cutest coffee shop in town.

Our coffee house of choice.

6. Chowed down on Crispy Quinoa Sliders. A little labor intensive, yes, but so, so delicious. Get the recipe (and gawk over her beautiful photos) here.

7. Daylight savings time. While I hate the fact that it’s going to be dark at 4 pm, I am super jazzed that it might possibly be light when we wake up.

8. Found Stumptown’s “Holler Mountain” blend of coffee at the grocery store. It’s a delightful mix of Kentucky and Oregon.

9. Worked on some new crafts for the Etsy shop. Check out the shop I share with my sister here.

10. Slept in three mornings in a row. This forever tired girl is oh-so-thankful for 10 hours of sleep.

Here’s to a new week of fun!


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